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The North Asia University Scholarship for Foreign Students

This scholarship is for overseas students who are interested in studies on traveling and tourism.

1.Qualifications for Application:

Applicants must meet all the following qualifications.

  1. Must have completed education overseas equivalent to a high school education in Japan; must be personally and scholastically outstanding and physically healthy; must be recognized as having difficulty paying school costs; must have sufficient Japanese language ability to meet university academic needs.
  2. Must be from the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, or Taiwan, and be privately (not state) financed.
  3. Must apply for enrollment in either the Faculty of Economics or the Faculty of Law at North Asia University.
North Asia University Admission Office
Tel: 018-836-1342 Fax: 018-836-2485 [Within Japan]
Tel: 81-18-836-1342 Fax: 81-18-836-2485 [From overseas]
Email: nyushi@nau.ac.jp


  1. Scholarship Amount: 300,000 yen per year.
    The recipients of this scholarship are not allowed to apply for other scholarships at North Asia University.
  2. A few part-time positions as foreign language teaching assistants or as assistant clerks in a university office are available for recipients of this scholarship.


  1. The number of scholarship recipients is a maximum of five students per faculty.
  2. Selection is based on an interview (in Japanese) immediately following the university entrance examination.
  3. Scholarship selection results will be announced together with the entrance examination results.
  4. The selection of the scholarship recipients will be officially approved after entering North Asia University.

4.Obligations of Scholarship Recipients:

Recipients of the scholarship are required to pledge themselves to observe the following articles to the chairperson of the university's board of trustees. Those who violate any of the articles will be required to refund the full amount received as a stipend within 1 year of the refund request date.

  1. To devote themselves to their study, take care of their health, and behave properly as a scholarship recipient of North Asia University.
  2. Not to spend the Scholarship stipend for purposes other than school work.
  3. To submit the receipt to the university immediately after receiving the scholarship stipend.
  4. To actively participate in the events of North Asia University, advance mutual enlightenment among the students, cultivate their own qualities, and contribute to society.

5.Suspension, Stop, and Termination of Scholarship

  1. When the recipient is absent from school for an extended period, the payment of the scholarship will be suspended.
  2. When progress and / or performance of the recipient are deemed by the university authority to have fallen below an acceptable standard, the payment of the scholarship will be stopped.
  3. The payment of the scholarship will be terminated in any of the following cases:
    a.Due to injury, disease, or any other reason for which the recipient is forced to withdraw from or cannot continue to do school work.
    b.The recipient is judged to be unable to complete academic requirements.
    c.The recipient violates the code of conduct of the university.
    d.The recipient is expelled from the university register as a disciplinary measure.
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