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Department of Law

Special Feature of the Department of Law

This department trains students in legal thinking and judgement-skills necessary to resolve the various problems and disputes which occur in everyday social life.
To allow our students to achieve their future career goals, the department offers four courses; police/civil service, legal staff, business management, and journalism.

Department of Law Training legal knowledge and sophistication

(1) Law office clerk: 

for students who wish to work in legal circles.

(2) Civil service and police science:

for students who whish to be police officers or civil servant.

(3) Management:

for students who wish to work at a legal affairs division, or to be a business person with legal knowledge.


for students who wish to play an active part in a planning department, production department, media public relations department, private enterprise or administrative organization.
They learn the basics of journalism, covering and analyzing social risks and trends and transmitting them to society through team work.


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