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Department of Economics

Special Feature of the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics endeavors to foster in students the ability to analyze the global economy as well as the domestic economy. The Department provides every possible assistance to students for their career planning.

The curriculum consists of four courses; finance, local and national civil service, business and medical care. Soon after entering the university, students are required to start planning for their future by choosing courses and acquiring the knowledge and judgement they need to fulfill their personal goals. Learning economics efficiently and making this knowledge their base, students are able to gain a broad perspective of the world of economics. Meanwhile, the students prepare for examinations to obtain appropriate certification for their objectives.

We offer 4 courses that students may choose depending on their career needs.

  1. Financial course, for students who wish to work in banks or other financial institutions.
  2. Local and national civil service course, for students who wish to enter the civil service, or other kinds of public service.
  3. Business course, for students who wish to work in a publishing, large-scale retail stores or car dealerships, etc, and wish to someday establish their own company.
  4. Medical care course, for students who wish to work in social welfare and local medical care.

Each of these courses puts students on the path to realizing their individual career goals through focused study and hard work.


Academic Organization

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