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Student Support

Career Support Office

Students need to create goals in life and then to consider how to plan their careers while participating in their school life. The Career Support Center offers many types of support for the student, especially in outlining critical points in the job hunting task area.

Private Counseling / Employment Guidance

The Career Support Center staff offers personal consultation on employment. Employment Guidance meetings are held from the beginning of the freshman year, where students are taught the concept of planning for their future careers. These meetings help students learn how to analyze and motivate themselves. Employment acquisition procedures are also explained step by step. Our staff enthusiastically supports students throughout their job hunting tasks.

Simulated Job Interview / Etiquette Class / Successful Job Acquisition Report Meeting

The most critical point in the entire job acquisition process is the " interview." Job interview experts explain to the students the real meanings behind questions asked by an interviewer, and give detailed advice on such things as how to dress, and how to present reasons for applying to a particular company. Graduating students who have secured jobs report on their job acquisition experience, giving personal information that is hard to get from an employment manual.

Employment Data Room: Internet Access

The Employment War Front is also called the Information War Front because the amount and accuracy of information are very critical. The Employment Data Room has computer access to a huge collection of help-wanted ads, company brochures, information magazines and technical journals, making it possible for students to collect needed data.

Computers here also have Job Aptitude Tests available so that students may find the type of job that best matches their own interest and capability. Employment E-Testing is also available and makes it possible for students to take simulated tests on the same format and level as actual tests.

The Internet Employment Searching System is scheduled to be introduced this year so that students may engage in job hunting tasks when away from school on home visits or vacation.

Employment Seminars: Public and Private Sector Recruiting Meetings

NAU sponsors large scale Employment Seminars where company descriptions and recruiting information are given by personnel officers from many companies from both inside and outside of Akita. Direct contact made here has produced many good results.

Recruiting meetings are also held for civil servant candidates, where government office personnel officers are invited to explain examination outlines and working terms. Personnel officers from private companies also visit our school to give recruiting seminars.

Police Officer / Civil Servant Examination Course

"Your seriousness changes your dream to reality!"
"Your seriousness changes YOU!"
The Police Officer / Civil Servant Examination Course was set up to assist students wishing to become civil servants. Practical and effective instructions are given.

Course Outline

Actual study takes place in the form of early-morning self-study, and in the form of 1-2 hour lectures during the day, Monday thru Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are spent for 1-2 hour lectures and simulated tests. Intensive classes and a study camp are held during long (school) vacations/breaks.

Students are trained to observe time schedules and how to display good manners when greeting people. They are also taught how to be selective with words, and how to keep themselves sanitary. Voluntary work is also part of the training course, and the students may be seen cleaning the school grounds every morning.

Special emphasis is given to interview practice in preparation for the interview phase of the Civil Servant Examination.

Social Sciences:
Politics; Economics; General Sociology
Japanese History; World History; Geography; Social Theory; Literature; Art; Japanese; English
Natural Sciences:
Mathematics; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Geology
General Intelligence:
Reading Comprehension; Mathematical Reasoning; Ethics in Judgment and Reasoning; Data Interpretation
Composition; Interview