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International Exchange Programs

With the remarkable advance of globalisation, there is a growing need for people who can work in a wide range of areas, with flexible skills that can be put to use in international society. In each of the schools of this foundation, we aim to train the kind of people society is looking for. Therefore we are creating as many opportunities as possible for our students to deepen their understanding of the world, and widen their points of view through international exchange.

Map of Associated Universities


At present, we have relationships with six universities in four different countries: South Korea, China, Taiwan, and the Mongolia. We conduct staff and student exchanges, and study abroad programmes. Additionally, we have joined with regional governments (such as the Department of Tourism, Tianjin, China) and corporations (such as Tianjin China International Travel Agents) abroad to provide training and research into the language, culture and customs of the country in question, and foster a deeper understanding of the situation there.

Associated Universities

  • Korea: Kyung Hee University, Dong-A University, Pai Chai University.
  • Taiwan: Aletheia University.
  • China: Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Mongolia: Soyol Erdem University